2016-06-25 18:49 Back alive!

Soo, finally got around setting things up again. I am not entirely sure if the won't be any data issues with the DB. So far things look decent enuff..


2014-10-27 10:47 Expected Downtime on the Weekend November 1st-2nd


recently I went ahead and threw in a major software update for a lot of components of the Server itself, which sadly resulted in highly reduced transfer rates, thus overall some lag might have been experienced. In order to fix the issue I'll have to handle this stuff in detail, which will result in some downtimes :( Given I can't do this during my work times and will need some extended amount of time for this, I'll have to do that over the coming weekend. I am sorry for the inconvenience :(


2013-12-31 18:49 Juperos EXP Event

Hey, remember that time you said "I'd really love to be mobbed by a million robots." Well now is the perfect time to do it! Vesper has been feeling pretty lonely in his ancient lost civilisation, so maybe you could cheer him up with a surprise visit.

What this means is that all monsters inside Juperos have their EXP doubled. This includes:

Venatu, Dimik, Archdam, Apocalypse and Vesper.


★ HMRO GM Team ★

2013-12-31 18:47 A small update

The mob Iceicle now drops Ice Scale at a 1% chance.
This value may be up for discussion. Hope you enjoy!

2013-03-25 02:00 Nameless Island EXP Event

Warriors of the light, prepare yourself for some serious zombie extermination! Break out that jellopy you've been saving because you're gonna need a lot of it to get where we're going.

If you didn't guess yet from now on all monsters in Nameless Island have their EXP doubled. This includes:

Ghoul, Zombie Slaughter, Ragged Zombie, Hellhound, Banshee, Flame Skull, Necromancer, Fallen Bishop, Beelzebub.


★ HMRO GM Team ★

2013-02-10 05:13 Forums are back!

It may have taken a while, but we have a forum again! Go and check it out by clicking the link at the top of the page. Or just incase the URL is: www.hmroforum.forumatic.com

All the custom headgear quests are on there as well as other resources you might need. So go ahead and sign up and you can help decide things like where the next EXP event should be.


★ HMRO GM Team ★

2012-11-02 18:51 Aaaand finally back online :)

since this whole stuff took nearly a week i have to apologize for our provider being a lazy bum :/

I managed to set up the serv to run again, a lot of things still need to be adjusted but playing and all should work as used to.


2012-10-25 15:32 More downtime to be expected

Hay again :)

Now I'll add some good and bad news to the pot.

The bad news:
I will shutdown the Server today in the evening around 7:00 PM (GMT+1) to back up all server data.

The good news:
We will upgrade our Server into a far more capable one. This process might take 1-2 days to complete. I will reroute our domain to a temporary Webspace to put up a small ugly page containing some more detailed information.

Once the transfer is complete i will route back to our server and will start the service again.

Thanks for reading~


2012-10-25 12:23 Downtime :/

Dear HeavenlyMaidenRo Community,

As you may have noticed, we experienced a brief downtime for approximately a day, this happened because our provider blocked the external access to the server due to some virus report in our JavaScript files. I have been tracing this report back to the cause, and as a quick fix to get the server back online have now removed the files and got the server unblocked again.

There was no real security breach on the system, the cause of this was a security breach on the system of one of our administrators. In order to prevent these kind of issues in the future I will tighten security some more. The compromised access was limited to the website files, neither the server files, nor database content has been compromised.

To make it secure, i will set up the entire system with a more recent operating system in order to rule out any possibility of a rootkit being installed. This sadly will also mean some more downtime for our Ragnarok-Online service. I'll try to get things sorted out as fast as possible and apologize for the inconvenience.


2012-10-14 19:25 Abyss Lake EXP Event

Well it's been a while, but it's starting to get cold now. So why not go and hang out with some dragons? They're totally warm and won't kill you.....probably.

So from now on all monsters in Abyss Lake have their EXP doubled. This includes:

Dragon Egg, Red Ferus, Green Ferus, Blue Acidus, Golden Acidus, Red Novus, Yellow Novus, Mimic Ancient Mimic, Penomena, Hydro, Detale.


★ HMRO GM Team ★




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