Download our HeavenlyMaidenRO Full-Client if you don't have KRO/Sakray available.
Simply unpack the .rar file and run the HMROInstall.exe.
You won't need to download or install any additional clients if you use the Full-Client.


If your patcher is still outdated, please get this light version and put the contents of the ZIP file into your Game Folder. With the server switch, this is mandatory, I am not sure when or if I come around fixing the full installer.

If you can't get the Full-Client for some reason, you need to download our Light-Client and KRO/Sakray below. Visit the Install-Guide at the bottom of the page to see how to install the game.
To download the Light-Client, click the following button:



For downloading the newest versions of kRO and Sakray, please visit the download section on



If you finished downloading all clients, you can now start installing the game:

• First install kRO (Rag.exe) into your directory of choice. For example C:\Programs\HeavenlyMaidenRO\
• If you are done, please install Sakray into the exact same directory.
• Now unzip the and copy all files into the directory you installed kRO and Sakray.
• Patch whether Ragnarok.exe or Sakray.exe.
• Run the HeavenlyMaidenRO.exe and also let this patcher download all updates.

For a more detailed guide with pictures click the button below.




Login Server: Online

Char Server: Online
  Map Server: Online
Active Events:
All Juperos monsters
have their EXP doubled!
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