Rules apply to everyone. Whether Newbie, known Player or Game Master, anyone disregarding the rules will be punished. Though it is unrealistic for any server to not show favoritism towards certain players, we promise to treat everyone as equally as possible. If you ever feel however that you have been wronged in any way, you are welcome to contact [GM] Kei about it, whether ingame, by email or on the forums. Unless you show the language and attitude of a 10 year old drunken sailor, you will not be ignored.

1. No botting.
Botting, macroing, any use of third party program or modified sak.exe will result in an
instant permanent ban. We do not tolerate this and you will not get a second chance.

Leveling away from keyboard with homunculi, clones, summonings or any other way
is also prohibited. It will not directly end in a ban but at least warning. In case of several warnings and still not respecting this rule, a ban still is a possible punishment.

2. No killstealing.
This may happen to most players once in a while, especially if you play a ranged character, but we do not tolerate killstealing to an extent that shows itis done on purpose. You are not allowed to attack a monster that is already under attack. Same goes for MVPs, except the first attacker dies or in case you are asked to help.

Please also note that you can turn on “@noks” in case you are the victim of a killstealer. With @noks turned on, the killstealer won’t get any EXP or drops.

3. Respect other players.
Do not slander or harass other players. Respect is something that must be earned, but using proper language is to be expected nontheless. We expect our players to deal with issues or arguments in a mature manner. With the chat filter removed, it does not mean you can run around insulting other players. You may swear as long as you don't bother anyone. Depending on the usage of words, we reserve the right to mute you anytime.

4. Don't spam.
Don't spam skills or messages, especially in main town. If you want to sell or buy something, make a public chatroom with the topic or say in it public once. If you need buffs or help with leveling, ask properly with the usage of words like "Excuse me" and "Could you please?" because “PLZZZZZ!” is not a word.

This rule includes:
• Do not spam messages
• Do not spam skills in towns
• Do not spam trade requests
• Do not spam friend requests
• Do not spam guild or party invites

It is annyoing and it won’t make anyone want to help you.

5. Do not exploit bugs or abuse the game mechanics!
If you have discovered a bug, please report it to a staff member in game, post a topic on the forums or send a private messages to the GM Team. Abusing bugs or in game mechanics gives an unfair advantage, so we expect everyone to report them immediately. If possible, don not tell others about bugs you have discovered. Not everyone is as honest as you hopefully are.

6. Do not pretend to be someone else.
You are not allowed to pretend to be a GM or another player of this server. Everyone caught pretending to be a GM will be banned permanently. Also, trying to act like someone else in order to ask other players for their login and password will be permanently banned too. This rule does not prohibit roleplaying in general or cross-dressing, as long as you don't violate the rules.

7. Do not advertise other servers
Since it is hard enough to get players without donations and paying for advertisments, we are not fond of people who just join this server to steal players. However, this rule does not prohibit to play on another server besides HMRO and mentioning it. Here are 2 examples for better understanding this rule:

“I’m also playing on “Example”-RO. It’s a nice server too.” (allowed)
“Join ”Example”-RO! It’s the best server ever! Much better than this one!” (not allowed)





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