Please view This thread for a more complete list of all our changes.

NPC changes
  • Rebirth only costs 500.000 zeny.
  • Marriage only costs 300.000 zeny each person.
  • Thanatos Tower quest requires 3 players (instead of 5) and can be done by taekwon classes as well.
  • You may setup your @-commands to work after relogging, using a Settings NPC.
  • The Lv4 weapon quest (Ultimate Weapon Quest) no longer has a failure chance and you may choose the weapon you'd like to make.
  • Veins' Siblings Quest has a lower failure chance on the camel poop collecting part.
  • Cost of Card remover and Slot Enchanter is reduced by 50%.

Skill changes:
  • The Bio Cannibalize skill has been modified.
  • Spear Quicken can be used with both one-handed and two-handed Spear weapons.
  • The Warp skill now let's you memorize most field maps.
  • Arrow Crafting often creates quivers.
  • Certain Ensemble Skills can be used by bard/dancer alone (Lullaby, Eternal Chaos, Into the Abyss.)
  • Dissonance and Ugly Dance deal 3 hits per 3 seconds (instead of: 1)
  • Abracadabra uses a much wider selection of skills
  • Intervals for HP/SP recovery skills are shortened to 6 seconds while certain buffs have increased duration.
  • Devotion Level Range unlimited, Marionette Control Level Range 20
  • Teleport at Lv1 does not open up a popup. You can adjust levels manually when learned Lv2.
  • Potion creation and forging success rate + 30%
  • Rogues cannot plagiarize Rebirth Skills. Stalkers can. (open for discussion)
  • Traps and Quagmire affect anyone in WoE / PvP.
  • Alchemists' summoned monsters will be considered targets for monster attacks, both giving you a tank and hopefully making Hide-Leveling not worth your time. They do not drop ingredients on Death.
  • The Wizards' Sense skill only displays Armor Def and Mdef now instead of stat def/mdef or both added together.
  • Taekwon Mission displays the Monster ID too so you can check on your target (useful in case of Goblin and others)
  • Merchants' Carts can hold 20.000 Weight.
  • Gravitation Field now deals additional hits.

Skill Casting / Delay changes
  • The Delay of Soul Strike has been decreased to 0,8 seconds.
  • The time of enemies being frozen from Frost Diver has been increased to 30s (modified by res)
  • Fire-, Cold- and Lightningbolt have a delay of 0,5 + 0,12*SkillLv seconds.
  • Signum Crusis has a delay of only 1 second.
  • Aqua Benedicta cast time 0,5 seconds, Delay removed.
  • Ruwach duration fixed to 13 seconds, which is just as long as the effect stays active
    (before that, you had a "blind ruwach" of 3 seconds).
  • Envenom poisons the target for 20 + 10*SkillLv seconds (reduced by resistances of course.)
  • Lv10 Hiding has its duration increased times 10 (max 3000 seconds)
  • All Hunter traps (except Claymore) have their Duration increased depending on SkillLv used
    (earlier, it was like: lowlevel trap = long duration. highlevel trap = vanishes after short time. turned that around.)
  • All Hunter status traps have an increased status duration (Sandman: max 50 , Flasher max 30,
  • Ankle Snare max 20, Land Mine max 5, Freezing Trap max 25 seconds.)
  • Resurrection Delay - 1 second.
  • Spellbreaker always works on bosses (no -2% hp though), being a small compensation for
  • Free cast, Memorize and Spell Breaker being useless later on and in PvP.
  • Star Gladiators have an increased chance to enter "Miracle of the Sun, Moon, Stars" : 0,05% attack chance.
  • Star Gladiators have an increased chance to reset their selected maps
    (1% chance when sitting next to another Taekwon, using /doridori while regenerating SP with Enjoyable Rest.)

Element changes
  • Earth Element Lv1 receives 25% damage from Earth elemental attacks (making Sandman Card useful).
  • Ghostring card will not reduce normal monster attacks.

Monster changes
  • Monsters with the Undead family attribute are susceptible to Exorcism and Heal, regardless of element.
  • The boss skill Powerup is cast at Lv1 instead of Lv5.
  • Monsters are more susceptible to status aliments.
  • Earthquake is Earth Elemental
  • Hell's Judgement is Dark Elemental
  • Monsters only teleport when rude attacked (in other words, only a few monsters like creamy teleport with no reason)
  • Slave monsters do not inherit the movement speed of their summoner.
  • Monsters that morph into other forms (eggs hatching, Increase Soils dividing) will not have their full HP,
    but the % of the HP they had before.

Monster spawn changes
  • Rate of all monsters being spawned on a map: 110%
  • Respawn Rate of monsters:
  • normal: spawn in half the time
  • bosses: spawn in 60% of the time
  • plants: spawn in 30% of the time it normally would take them.
  • The monster Scorpion King now spawns on:
  • moc_fild20 (5)
  • moc_fild11 (1)
  • The monster Iron Fist now spawns on:
  • ve_fild05 (40)

GM changes
  • Only high level GMs can create, drop, trade, send, do whatever with items. Additionally, I monitor all command, item and zeny logs.

Pet Changes
  • Pet catching success rate tripled.
  • Rename pets / homunculi as often as you wish
  • Pets become hungry 2,5 times SLOWER
  • Feeding your pet will influence intimacy x3
  • Pets DO attack and support you in battle (chance is roughly intimacy x 0,01 on being hit / attacking. (Requirements: Intimacy 900+ (quite loyal), Your base level being 20 higher than pets'. )
  • Pets use skills ( Requirements: Intimacy 900+, Your base level being 20 higher than pets', Accessory equipped. )
  • The pets' owners receive 50% EXP only if the Pet kills a monster.

Homunculi changes
  • Homunculi receive triple the normal intimacy when feeding (approximate time until Evolution: around 50 hours)
  • Homunculi can gain a Max Level of 130
  • Homunculus stat growth is being displayed on Levelup.
  • Ressurrect Homunculus has its casting time increased to 4 seconds.

Portal changes:
  • All guild dungeons can be accessed from the fields near the castles. Look for the hidden entrances!



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